I graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in New Media—I learned photography using a Pentax 35mm camera and wasted a lot of paper in the dark room trying to create the ‘perfect’ print.

Like many people though, my education didn’t teach me all the intricacies of being a fine art portrait photographer—I learned that from experience. In school, they don’t teach you what it really means to capture a moment, to encapsulate love and joy in a single frame and produce imagery that truly transcends time; how to interact with children and their parents in a way that allows for authenticity, so that you can capture their spirit through the lens. I am thankful to my clients and their beautiful children, for teaching me the true art of photography. I’m blessed really, to wake up everyday and get to do what I do. It never gets boring, it never gets redundant—every session is as exciting as the first—that’s how you know you’re doing what you were meant to do.