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The only thing harder than a newborn session is a twin newborn session plus two siblings under 6. I mean I really mentally prepared for this one and I was absolutely thrilled with how well it went. Thanks to my amazing clients for staying calm, helping me out and letting me destroy their house. It has to be one of my favourite newborn sessions to date–we managed to get so many poses out of the little ones, not to mention smiles and giggles from their big brothers.

Lesley_Toronto Newborn Photographer_2

Lesley_Toronto Newborn Photographer


I photographed this beautiful girl when she was less than a month old and hadn’t seen her since! I was delighted when I got an email from her mom asking to book a newborn session for the newest member of their family. She was a little shy at first but once she opened up we were fast friends–she even started calling me ‘big sister’ in Chinese. Melt.

I am so incredibly happy with these photos, thanks to mom and dad for being patient and letting me move around all their furniture.

Newborn Family Photography Toronto_Michelle

Newborn Family Photography Toronto_Michelle2


If I had half the energy these kids have I would probably get way more done in a 24 hour period. Three adorable children, three completely different personalities, two very patient parents and one awesome shoot. We took pictures, we ran around, someone took their pants off (we won’t say who) and all in all, it was a blast.

So excited to share these photos! Also, the outfits could not have been better coordinated–go mom!

Toronto Family Photographer _ SarahS


It’s always such a different experience photographing kids than it is photographing newborns. The babies are usually quiet, the session is long but there’s a certain calmness to it. Photographing children is like recess–an incredible burst of energy for a short periodĀ of time and if you don’t click at the right moment, well, you’ll miss the moment.

I had so much fun with this lovely family. The kids wanted to be goofy, which is totally fine with me! We even came up with the next big tech ideas, PeeTube and PooTube–I’ll let you figure out what the content is.

Thanks to mom and dad for playing along and being patient. I’m so happy with the results and I couldn’t have done it without you!

family photography toronto _ sarah2

Family Photography Toronto _ Sarah


I always say photographing families over and over again is the best part of my job, and this family session was no exception. Big brother and I played while mom and dad put baby to sleep. It was so sweet to see him all grown up and then to be photographing the newest addition to their family–what a treat!

Thank to mom and dad for their patience with me and the baby (I gotta get my shots!). It was so lovely to photograph you again.

Toronto Newborn Photographer_Maya2

Toronto Newborn Photographer_maya